Das Russia in Decline-Projekt der Jamestown- Foundation

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This project is an attempt to envision what the pathways animating Russia’s decline could look like; what its mentality and consequent behavior might be or become; the forces, attitudes, and ideas behind it; and the possible contingencies that could emerge along the pathways to a range of possible alternative destinations. It seeks to reveal how potential downside scenarios might unfold, the dynamics that could power them, the critical uncertainties whose resolution might push scenarios in different directions, and the possible wildcards that might radically, rapidly, and unpredictably alter the shape and movement of the competitive landscape, as well as the motivations and strategies of different actors.
The project’s analyses and products will appear on this Jamestown Foundation website. The papers by Russian experts are the first such postings. We further envision compiling these materials in a single volume, as well as several smaller, focused analyses on particular aspects of Russia’s decline, with appropriate contextual analysis and synthetic assessment. The final volume will be published by The Jamestown Foundation.


Dagmar Schatz
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Anton Barbashin -- Russia in Decline: Three Possible Scenarios for the Future

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"It is widely believed that contemporary Russia’s decline started right after the annexation of Crimea, when, in the course of less than one week, the Kremlin almost irreversibly predetermined the future of the entire nation. By acting as an aggressor—breaking international law, bilateral and multilateral agreements, and the general rules of conduct of post–Cold War Europe—Russia has embarked on a path leading to economic decay and international isolation, which potentially threaten to ruin Russia as a state."

Dagmar Schatz


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